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I just found your blog, yet you already stop blogging. My sister with cancer too and we wish to sent her for umrah after reading your blog. But she is too weak...

Love reading your blog and if you think about blogging again, just email me and i will be one of your fan


I just found your blog, yet you already stop blogging. My sister with cancer too and we wish to sent her for umrah after reading your blog. But she is too weak...

Love reading your blog and if you think about blogging again, just email me and i will be one of your fan

danial ma

hej! mobile mom
wishing you a happiest eid adha, may you have a joyful celebration. happy holidays and a happiest new year 2008. may 2008 bring you joy, peace, love, good health and great year ahead...


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Am glad that you found yourself in the process .... it will be an ongoing process and when you walk with God hand in hand ... you will do just fine ... take k and do pop in once in a while :D


danial: Thank you danial for your prayers. Only GOD can repay back your kind thoughts and prayers. It was an experience in deed. I'm still living it actually. Living, praying and hoping to be a survivor for a long time. Insya'ALLAH. May you and your family have a good life and being blessed by GOD always. Take care. Ja mata back to you :) (I understand japanese sikit je.)


quite sometimes i haven't stopped by. glad that you are reaching your spiritual journey. i wish you all the best and may HE always bless you and family. sad that you will stop blogging from now. it's really priceless to read your life experiences and how strong you are to face the ordeal. thanks for sharing. really touched with your spiritual journey to the Holy Land. thank you again and may you be blessed with a good health, lots of luv from all the people around you. Ja mata ne...

danial - tyne&wear, uk


mobilemom, eh? why la u wanna stop blogging? hmmm well, i guess as u mentioned, u have yr reasons la kan.. but if u're thinking of blogging again, i think u shud as u have the flair in blogging lah!

take care



Ridz aka mamak: Hishh kau ni..ada hp pun tak guna simpan nombor! :P Nanti aku sms kau! You gotta be kidding me! Kepam nak kawin? No shit!! Hahahaha... nanti we calling calling!! This I've got to hear!! Dia nak surrender the title kat mana? Hahaha hantu hantu lama kita baru nak sedar ler ye.. tu belum keluar rambut putih weh!! :P Kau dah ada ke?? *gelak besar*

ridz aka mamak

lost ur number, could u 2 forward me. alhamdulillah glad that everything ikut as what u've wanted. like I always said, god works in mysterious ways. selalulah bersyukur. fyi, norzam has decided to release the title bachelor, by end of this month. mengkodokkan, the son of jamal (supi) and the rest of the hantu are still the same but very much slow down as u can feel the ageing factor....


MM, I've been following your journey for quite some time already, and you know, when I read about how keen you were to perform your umrah, I'm not surprised as to how fulfilled you were when you went, and if that, in itself, could have been one of the reasons for you to close this chapter. I cried reading your umrah posts, because I can relate to every single emotion that you felt during your journey. Allah enters our hearts in the most unexpected ways and manners, but once He does, nothing else is half as important.

I wish you well, and I pray for your health and happiness, Insha'Allah.


Eddie: Thank you very much for spending your time following my journey. :) God Bless you too. :)

sunflora: I will still be around. Observing and reading people's blog I guess. ;)

Insya'ALLAH dengan izinNYA. I'm praying for the haj trip hopefully before I turn 40. That's my deal with the hubs. The earlier the better actually but the hubs wants to do another trip there with the kids first. Insya'ALLAH.


So what will you be doing when you have blogging withdrawaL? Are you sure you won't have a new blog MM? :)

Take care and prepare for your Hajj Insyallah.



have followed your blog for the past couple of years.its sad to see you retiring from the blog but great to see that your soul searching has completed

wishing you the best from the bottom of my heart. God bless you, mobilemom


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