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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Mahum Ahmed

• You MUST arrive in Makka in a state of Ihram.
• Proceed to Masjid-ul-Haram to perform Tawaf.
• After completing Tawaf, pray two rakaat behind Maquamu Ibraheem and drink Zamzam.
• You then perform Saiy.
• Finally, end your Umrah by shaving your hair. It is preferred that men shave head completely. Women should clip at least one and a half inch of hair.


rule of safety when you are blogging:

1) never take things seriously, as it is NOT the real world, it's only an imaginary world

2) always say what's on your mind without minding other people's thought about it (phew i admit this is a quite susah one to do :p)

3) always have back-up support (eg: ur hubby) in case everything goes wrong ;)

other than that, ure just fine! have a nice trip mummy ...

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