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Tuesday, December 19, 2006



KakD: Indeed it does. It has some pros and cons. :)

Jewelle: Totally agree with you. You tell them precisely what you want and they end screwing it up instead!!


Hairstylist! Why can't they EVER know what you want. I just had my hair cut 3 times, just this month alone. NOT because I had nothing better to do that to go to the saloon but because the first one butchered it, then the second one redeemed it only for it to fall flat when I try to do it myself then the final one was not so hot too but I am just fed up already. And besides, if I think I am beautiful, then so what with others think right?! Ha. As for your disastrous hair cut, you can always try those funky gypsy with scarf style.


Short hair make us ladies look younger. its a fact :)


Wink: Hehehe tu la dah namanye pompuan..nak buat cam mana. :P~~~

As for the functions..hahaha let see if that works. :P

Is: Hehehe senang je awak ekk!! But you happy and doesn't effect mood swings..kira orait la tu kan!! Kita pompuan ada mood swings and sometimes bad hair days tu memang boleh kalah PMS tau!! :P~~


i botak kepala da dekat 10 tahun.
ni nak beli mesin cukur rambut remington sebab bila congak-2 kan:

10 tahun x 12 bulan x 2 kali cukur rambut sebulan x RM10 caj cukur rambut mesin pakai clip no 1 (utk tinggalkan rambut ada sikit-2 kat kepala) = RM2400

harga mesin cukur remington : RM120 kot (warranty sepanjang hayatnya kalau tak dijadikan toys dek anak anak saudara)


No problem for this guy...

I pi my Indian barber and go 'Tepi nipis atas pendek sikit'

And 15 minutes and RM9 later, I'm done :)

As for ur two functions, charm them with your presence n personality, hopefully that way, depa tak perasan anything else... Hehehe!


Wink: Don't get me wrong, any woman at my age would love to look younger. Including me!!

But the problem is that the hairstylist cut my hair too short that it didn't suit the shape of my face. Infact I look like a school girl. With 2 formal functions coming up this weekend, I'm screwed!! :P

This is a woman's thingy you know!! Hahahahaha


You look younger?

Hmmm....Perhaps you've just discovered the fountain of youth a.ka. your hairstylist.

So jgn la marah2 sangat as behind every snip, there's a silver lining ;)

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