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Friday, November 03, 2006



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Hi wink..

Thanks. We're surviving. So far so good.

Well..tu la..sometimes, second hand smokers becomes the victims kan. :(

Well yeah the F1 season has ended this year. Kenalah tunggu till March next year. Hehehehe... But that doesn't stop me from being and avid F1 lover. We now have Kimi! :) Hehehe

I used to follow footie 10 years ago and yes I was rooting for liverpool. I was a fan of Owen tapi tu lily punye bf. ;) Then I lost interest in the game. And started getting thrill watching F1. And it's also the red team. So how ahh?? *wide grin*


Wishing u and ur family well.

Although I don't smoke unfortunately 2nd hand smoke dah belambak dah dalam badan ni :/

Btw since Schumi and F1 are done for forever and for the day respectively, boleh la u convert jadi footie fan kejap :)

Tonite, Liverpool v Reading.... Support the team in Red. All other matches are insignificant. *just to give you a head start* :)

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