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Sunday, April 17, 2005



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Salam mobilemum. I guess with you posting the doa shifa bringing me and those fellow visitors to your lovely blog. I hope you will continue to be a strong mum and wish you all the best. Just need your permission to post the doa at my blog, is it ok?


was looking for doa shifa' till I stumbled into your blog. Wish you luck...I thought my not being well is saddening me but your strength is really making me wanting to go set the time back! Anyway mobile mum, wish you the best of luck, insyallah!


Dear Izudeen,

Thanks for dropping by my site. You are welcome anytime to comment anywhere in my blogsite. Here's to a new friendship! :)

As for my cancer, well inilah yang dikatakan dugaan ALLAH. Insya'ALLAH if ALLAH permits, I hope to pull through all this. I try to be with my children and my family as much as possible. :)


Hi mobilemom,

I stumble across your blog when I was reading at TT's blog.

I have not read through the entire archive, but to me (from the brief glance at your blog) I know you're an incredible woman and such a wonderful mother.

I sincerely hope you get well one day, and I pray it would be soon. Do keep your spirit strong, and if you happen to feel sad, do remember that there are others who care about you.

Till then, take care :)

p/s : I hope you don't mind if I would leave some message/comment after this day onwards :)



I see. I tengah belajar nak menghafal ayat ni tang ni. It's quite short and simple to read. Yet with this "chemo brain" thingy that I have...susah jugaks nak menghafal. Short term memory so the very bad. So need to "install" to the long term memory. Right now it's processing but at a very slow rate of 1.5kbps.

As for Nate Berkus, I WISH I WISH I WISH i can have him do a make over of my whole house!! Uwaaaaaaa...bila tengok dia buat house make over for people...I droooollll with envy!! Urghhhhhhhhhhhh....then again, he is sooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!! Everytime I tell that to hubby, he roll his eyes...and reply.."But I'm cuter you see!!!" Confident je cakap mamat tu!!! :P~~~


Thanks KakTeh...Insya'ALLAH. Praying hard that I don't need anymore chemo after this. This Friday will determine everything...*sigh* *praying very very hard*


After Nate Berkus dah "selamatkan" your house, do pass him on to me, ah? Biar dia selamatkan my apartment pulak...Muahahhahahaha!


MM, that Selawat Shifa' was given to me by my dearest MIL since Y was born. Yes, it's good to recite the doa. My MIL taught me to always recite the doa when I mandikan Y. Hope you too will benefit from reciting the doa. Take care and oh, good luck on the spring cleaning...

*theonewhohatescleaning* :)

kak teh

Insyaallah mobilemum. sorry i have not visited for sometime. BUT kak teh doa segala-galanya baik bagi mobilemum!!

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