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One-Line Bio

"I have been blogging for the past 2 years. However my earlier blogs are kept private. I must admit that I'm not a good writer. My grammar is as bad as any primary school girl. Yeah! Shame on me! I can't seem to remember what I did to get through my bachelor degree!! Anyway I write to release my thoughts, my observation, my fears, my anger, my happiness and many other reasons that I could think off. You are welcome to comment if you like."

If you notice, I have a Guest Blogger who blogs on my site once in a while. He is known as "MALE NURSE". Do look out for his BLOG Entries!! :)


Who am I?

A woman, a designer mom of 2 hyper kids with "turning 30 syndrome".

Why do I Blog?

A channel for letting out my brains to talk rather than thinking and suppressing it. Ohh..wait even better!! I have a very bad headache and my brains doesn't seem to stop thinking so it wants to express itself!!


How about sitting infront of my laptop in the dark?

How old am I really? Honestly?

Probably around 11,648 days old! (I think!!) Then again, I'm not an accountant and I FAIL in MATHS!! I think most designers HATE the subject!!

What Am I Diagnose With?

I am diagnozed with "Pleural Effusion of Mesothelioma Malignant"or something to that effect. I was told that this Cancer is very rare here in this country. How did I get it? We have no idea. Currently I'm going through my "chemo treatment procedures". It's a type of cancer which is located at the lining of the lungs. I only knew about my condition in early February. What can I say?... Well, if you have the time to invest, and you want to know what goes on in this puny hyper active brain of mine, read on my blogs. Do leave your comments if you like and I will reply to your comments when ever I have the time. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

What I NEED and DON'T NEED right now?

I need POSITIVE aura surroundings!!. I DON'T NEED people telling me what I should or should not do bla bla bla. I'm under full "chemo treatment" medication and the doctors knows best. It's important for me to go on with a POSITIVE mind set. I need to survive, go on with my normal life, get all the strength and will power to carry on with my normal routine and make it better. I'm fighting for my life. I put the illness behind me so that I can go on my normal life with my children and family. Thanks again everyone, my friends, my readers for all your support and encouragement. This is important for me. Insya'ALLAH.


Travelling, My Children, My Family, Bowling, Collecting Handbags & Wallets, SHOPPING and Window SHOPPING, Collecting Watches, Watching FORMULA1, Movies etc etc..